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TOPIC: Exhausts

Re: Exhausts 7 years, 10 months ago #2016

hey eastwood ive got the pro taper atv midbend, im 6 ft and these feel great, alot better when i stand to. I reckon the highbend would be better though.

Re: Exhausts 7 years, 10 months ago #2022

  • Roy
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Hey DRZ400TOM, did you get the jetting kit for the carby as well or did you leave as is (stock I assume)?

Re: Exhausts 7 years, 10 months ago #2024

  • blackmozz
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Hi...I asked an expert about jetting and he told me how to do a rough test.
for a general use bike
If your bike likes choke when cold and stutters when reved after choke is off, but still cold and runs ok after warm up,
the mixture is good and jetting should be left alone.

my bike is a 2007 with FMF powercore and powerbomb header and standard jetting
fires up with choke on for 30sec....3 or 4 small revs with choke on....choke off and ride easy for about 3 mins and bike is up to temperature.

hope this helps

Re: Exhausts 7 years, 10 months ago #2026

Hey Roy,
I bought the fmf jet kit, waste of $55 dollars, and when i went to fit it i noticed that mine already had the bigger jets in from factory (165 main and 65 pilot). I didnt realize they changed them with the 09 models onwards, so all i tried was lifting the needle to the 5th slot but found it was over fuelling it so i put it back and left it as it was. It goes great but theres a little bit of a stutter when i hit 3rd going hard apart from that its awesome.
I never really had much to do with bikes so im still picking stuff up along the way so any help would be good.

Re: Exhausts 7 years, 10 months ago #2028

  • xrman
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I have just refitted my modified McPerformance baffle into the DRZ muffler.

The standard McPerformance baffle is quiter than no baffle, but I wanted something quieter still for long trips. What the McP baffle does is make the gases turn through 180 before escaping, with little constriction in pipe diameter (= minimal restriciton). It is in effect two pipes welded on top of each other. One fits into the end of the exhaust pipe and the other fits into the exit pipe at the end of the muffler.

Compared to the stadard baffle with 4 6mm holes drilled into it the modified McP is 4 Db quieter . Modified standard 98Db and modified McP 94Db. Measured t 45degrees and 1 m from the muffler exit.

What I did was to block the exit tube and drilled 65 by 2.5 mm holes in the rear tube.

Now to see if it runs OK like this.

Re: Exhausts 7 years, 10 months ago #2030

  • Roy
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I'd heard stories of blokes who'd put after market pipes on their bikes continually having massive issues trying to get it to run right afterwards and having to fiddle with carby's and jetting kits etc. but I guess the message is if you're getting a new exhaust, you don't automatically have to get the jetting kit as well. Might as well try without first before spending the bucks.

Thanks lads.


Re: Exhausts 7 years, 10 months ago #2031

  • Good
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I'm not too woried about jetting, as I believe my bike needs rejetting anyway. Why I say this is that initial throttle responce and top end is pretty good but the mid range is where my issue is.

I have played with the clip position on the needle but have pretty much found that where it is at the moment is where it is happiest (about second position from top).

At a guess, I would say it is too rich in the midrange, so the needle needs changing. I plan to fit quick shot accelerator pump cover which should reduce the bog, which to be honest I can' t notice when I'm riding it.

It doesn't pop under decel, nor is it hard to start, so I think that the needle is the issue, and the bog is the typical FCR issue.

Re: Exhausts 7 years, 10 months ago #2054

  • xrman
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My modified Mc Performance baffle passed the ride test. It is quieter and performed OK.

I guess if I want more performance I can drill out the 64 holes to a larger diameter. It pulled well and did not seem to have upset the top end.

It was cheaper than buying a new muffler and is quieter than the B&B baffle so I am happy. Perhaps Mr McPerformance can market my design as McMuted!!!!

Re: Exhausts 7 years, 10 months ago #2090

tk pipes ... they are made on the sunshine coast, well priced, they are designed for torque not top end power which is what you need to get up a snotty ol hill you don't need to do any major mods only lift the needle and wind out the fuel mixture screw on the stock carb (the instructions are provided) and he is a top bloke I try to support aussie made when possible so i was glad when i whacked this bad boy on plus it sounds awesome

Re:Exhausts 7 years, 10 months ago #2094

  • jason_obrien
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  • wanna ride more
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was looking at one myself are they good in your the sound ok.....

Re:Exhausts 7 years, 10 months ago #2096

i reckon they look great i guess its in the eyes of the beholder... i use to have a b&b end cap and it was just loud like a hollow pipe kinda sound than i heard that terry kelly works not only on the flow of the pipe but the acoustics as well which is why it gives great torque... bigger isn't always better these aren't motogp bikes and they don't operate top revs all the time(except when me mate is pushing me out of the slop) so its torque is what will get you up the hill this pipe has a beautiful deep burble which sounds awesome in the bush and turns heads in town

Re: Exhausts 7 years, 10 months ago #2098

  • KHB
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I got a full yoshi system from the states. Brand new 550 delivered. Love it

Re: Exhausts 7 years, 10 months ago #2100

Quick question does anyone know what the Decibel rating on the stock DRZ exhaust is? i downloaded an app on my android phone and tested it with it saying 91 decibels but not sure if its right due to it being a phone decibel meter. Otherwise is there legal restrictions on sound of bikes and what are they?

Cheers :)
The following user(s) said Thank You: xrman

Re: Exhausts 7 years, 10 months ago #2101

  • xrman
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Hi TE,

I tested my DRZ near standard ( four 6 mm holes drilled in the exisitng smaller baffle holes) with a Dick Smith noise meter at 1 meter from the muffler tip at 45 degree angle. At about 1/2 revs it registers 98Db. It sounds funny too, a bit like an asthmatic squealing.

I think 94 Db is the current ADR noise limit, but I am unsure how they do the test.

This reading will be affected by the surroundings (how much crap I have in my shed that will reflect noise), the quality of the noise meter and probably other variables.

The MA noise test is much more complex but really the desired outcome is a noise level that it not offensive to others. The booming 4 stroke noise of an unrestricted muffler carries quite a distance(like a wanker on a Harley)and does little to endear us to other bush users.

If even Yamaha (WRF current models) can make mufflers that breath and meet 94Db limits, why can't Suzuki?

If you must put on an aftermarket muffler to "go fast and sound good" can I suggest an FMF Q4 that is about 94Db (USA measurements which is not the same as OZ methods)

I hope this helps.

IMHO most riders with a " power pipe" fitted would go faster if they spent the money on good tyres and suspension upgrades.

Re: Exhausts 7 years, 10 months ago #2102

  • wayno
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+ 1 suspension and tyres
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