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my bike isnt running right
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TOPIC: my bike isnt running right

my bike isnt running right 8 years, 1 month ago #2341

i was riding my bike and when i would give it some throtal it would die and when it stoped it wouldnt start again any ideas of what could be roung ????

Re: my bike isnt running right 8 years, 1 month ago #2342

  • CH4MAN
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Things that could be "roung" 1. fuel not turned on.
2. choke still on.
3. fuel blockage.
4. plug lead loose or off.
5. no fuel.
6. spark plug broken or loose.
Back to basics, bike was running, then something changed, fuel or electrical is my way of thinking, hope its something simple like these, good luck!

Re: my bike isnt running right 8 years, 1 month ago #2344

thank you the only thing i havent checked is my electricals ive replaced my spark plug and all we tryed starting it yesterday and it started but then stoped again dose it need a battery to run all the time or just to start it ?? thanks for your help

Re: my bike isnt running right 8 years, 1 month ago #2346

  • Roge
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Running without a battery fitted is not such a good idea, everything including the ignition system (CDU) is expecting to see it there
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Re: my bike isnt running right 8 years, 1 month ago #2349

  • Dano
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I would still be thinking fuel issues...

drain your tank and the carbie float, then put in some 95 or 98 that you know is from a good source and try again. Keep the choke open for a while.

check that fuel is going to the carb and into the engine.

then - Is the engine getting a spark??

Like Roge said not a good idea on these to run it without a battery...but if the starter is kicking over and all the lights are working - usually a sign your battery is working (without testing for amperage via multimeter).
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Re: my bike isnt running right 8 years ago #2413

  • Roy
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If you're going to pull off the carby bowl to check the float you might want to check the jets aren't blocked as well whilst you're at it.

Also, how old is the fuel in the tank and how long has it been sitting? Even after a couple of weeks it can start to separate and the heavier dirty crap sits at the bottom of the tank and gums up the carby when you start it again.

The other thing I've been advised to do by a mechanic mate is to run the carby dry if you're going to leave the bike sit for more than a week or so. just turn the fuel off at the tap whilst the bike is idling and let it run till it runs out of fuel in the carby (usually takes a minute or two).

Re: my bike isnt running right 8 years ago #2416

  • Owey
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All motors need the 3 basic things to run - fuel, air & spark. So start with the simple things then get into the nitty gritty stuff. With the comment of draining the fuel from the carby and storing it, well not such a good idea as the gaskets will dry out, crack then will suck air therefor lean mixture. then you will have to rebuild the carby. put a fuel filter in if you think that the fuel is dirty or a problem. if storing for a while just use some fuel stabilizer (puck it up at auto shops).
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