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LED indicators
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Share your modifications both the ones that worked and ones not worth doing.
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TOPIC: LED indicators

Re: LED indicators 2 months ago #17457

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I know this is a really old topic, and this forum is not very active, but the content has helped me so I'm going to add a bit here to make it a bit easier for others who may also look here for answers.

Regarding the conversion to led indicator lights and the instructions for using the Narva electronic flasher relay, where there is reference to a blue wire, it is the LIGHT BLUE coloured wire that gets taken off the OEM 7-pin relay and onto the 3-pin led flasher relay. THERE ARE TWO BLUE WIRES in the 7-pin Suzuki relay, one is dark blue, the other is light blue, use the light blue one!

The other thing, which I haven't done yet but am planning to do, is regarding using 2 x led pilot lights instead of the original incandescant one so both side indicators don't come on at the same time. I have ordered a bundle of 10 x 3mm bulbs already fitted with wire tails. Not being a competent solderer, this will reduce the risk of me melting the leds when I go to attach wires. I also think 2 x 3mm bulbs should fit easily in the hole in the dash panel and I'll even try threading the wires through the original rubber plug so that it holds them in place rather than glue them in with silicone. I'll edit this post to reflect my success or otherwise when I'm done.

Yep, the LED pilot light fix worked. I slipped the wires of the 2 x 3mm bulbs through the stock rubber grommet, after removing the brass terminals and old wiring, and used this grommet to hold the led bulbs. No silicone required if you do this. The pilot lights are brighter than the stock incandescent one and it seems like the flashing happens with the bulbs alternating between one being lit and two being lit. They don't both go on and off completely. One stays on and the other comes on intermittantly as per the flasher unit operation. Works for me!
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