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Starting problems
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Share your modifications both the ones that worked and ones not worth doing.
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TOPIC: Starting problems

Starting problems 6 years, 1 month ago #4175

Hey all,
Been having a lot of problems starting my DRZ400. Engine turns over but it is not igniting. I’ve had a look at some threads and have done these tests so far:-

  • Checked all electrical connections. Recently replaced the spark plug, stator and ignition coil – spark is good.
  • Put some oil in the cylinder, took off air filter and sprayed carby cleaner in while I tried starting it – I’ve heard this helps but unfortunately no effect
  • I have checked the spark plug for fuel after starting and it's definitely getting into the cylinder.
  • I have been able to jump start it before – it idles all over the place. Once the engine is warm, the engine starts no problem and the bike works! Unfortunately bump-starting is not working anymore.

The only I can think of is it's something to do with the valves/compression or the carburettor (although obviously fuel is getting to the cylinder :S ). A used carburettor costs around $200. I’d rather check valve clearances first, but the fact that it works when heated up makes me think it's not compression (although I literally have next to no idea with this stuff). Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts or has gone through the same thing. I will keep on trying but I might take to a mechanic to at least diagnose the problem so I can order and install the parts.


Re: Starting problems 6 years, 1 month ago #4176

  • billa
  • Senior Boarder
  • Posts: 38
Hi Jordan
it will be the valve clearance I have seen this on pleanty of DRZs and once this is fixed it will be off and starting again, it is a pain to adjust them and if you havent done it before get some help as you have to remove the camshafts and timing chain, then you need the new shims

I hope this helps

Re: Starting problems 6 years, 1 month ago #4177

  • Stricko
  • Expert Boarder
  • Posts: 61
Jordan - as Bill said it is more than likely ( definately) your vavles. I recently had the exact issue, started out all ok in the morning then progressively got worse throughout the day to the point I had to be tow strap started to get going. Sent it into the bike shop and had vavles sorted and a minor service - now starts on the first touch of the button.
Just another happy DRZ'er :) with just about all the mods done I need ( or that the wife will allow)
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