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Share your modifications both the ones that worked and ones not worth doing.
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TOPIC: Exhaust

Exhaust 9 years, 11 months ago #29

  • _liam_
  • Senior Boarder
  • Posts: 21
Andrew as far as I can tell by your photos you have an S3 (?) exhaust on your DRZ..? but you haven't mentioned it in the modifications section of your website.

I am interested in getting a different exhaust for my bike... something that will give more horses and that will be a bit quieter too.

I read a lot of good things about Yoshimura kits as well as the Barrett kits.

How's yours go and what are your thoughts / advice on others?

And other readers...? Who's upgraded their exhaust and what with?


Re:Exhaust 9 years, 11 months ago #30

  • Andrew
  • Administrator
  • Posts: 36
Hi Liam,

I am running the DEP S3 exhaust, I have posted some pictures and info under the modifications section that may help.

Are you running the original baffle or has it been removed? I havn't heard one without the baffle but people do it and it must be very loud.

I think you will be happy with any of the systems out there, the main reasons I went with the DEP S3 was because it is only 94db and of cause the price bing only $499. I ride my DRZ to work every day into Belconnen so I didn't want it to grab to much attention, but don't get me wrong this is still much louder then the stock exhaust and in the bush when you open the throttle it has an evil bark :woohoo: .


Re:Exhaust 9 years, 11 months ago #33

  • _liam_
  • Senior Boarder
  • Posts: 21
Thanks heaps for all that info Andrew. It is much appreciated.

I am currently running the original exhaust with the baffle taken out. That's how they sold it to me. It is pretty damn noisy and living in Quanngers I don't really want to draw too much attention to my bike with the stories I hear about theft AND I live in a block of units and while I don't go out too early or too late, I still would like to keep the peace with my neighbors...

So I can get a Staintune for 20% until the weekend. Special deal on all accessories with buying the bike from Dahlitz. A full system would set me back $768. Not sure how much to fit it. I don't have a shed or tools so I'd probably get Greg's fellas to fit it for me and rejet if required.

Whaddya reckon? Will I see a decent power increase + noise decrease + improved sound and looks with the Staintune? I have read good things, but can't find any actual results posted anywhere. The header pipe is a different shape to the original... it doesn't droop down as much. While I am not a hardcore dirt-rider (yet) I like the fact that this is kind of protected a bit.

Thanks again for posting that info too Andrew. Great site you got here!

Re:Exhaust 9 years, 8 months ago #259

  • Good
  • Gold Boarder
  • Posts: 161
If I had the money, I would put the Yoshi Dual RS4 exhaust on mine. More for the bling factor, and for $795 US, they probably aren't too much shy of a full staintune system or something.

It will never happen, but I can only dream

Re:Exhaust 9 years, 8 months ago #262

  • daz80j
  • Expert Boarder
  • DRZ 400E 2005
  • Posts: 146
staintune....cant beat it with carbie rejetted

Re:Exhaust 9 years, 6 months ago #515

  • shanhard
  • Senior Boarder
  • Posts: 22
I just picked up a full system (header and muffler) Yoshi RS3 system from Mat Mladin's website for $629 free delivery to Perth, and the slip on only was $429 (muffler only).


I havent fitted it to my bike yet tho so no pics.

Here's the link:

Re:Exhaust 9 years, 5 months ago #540

I bought a muzzy slip-on direct from Muzzy in the US on ebay. It was $190 delivered. Very happy.
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