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First time posting on here, so hello all.

I purchased a 2003 DRZ400e, done 2,900 miles and when purchased ran well. It had been sitting around for around 8 years not being used. The chap took it to a garage prior to selling to get it road worthy and running right again. Spent £700 on it which included (I’ve got the receipt);

New battery,
Comp carb overhaul kit including fuel pipe,
New Starter motor and starter relay,
Oil filter, O ring and engine oil,
Spark Plug and air filter,
Fuel tap,
New inner tube.

The bike was filthy, so thought I would give it a good wash down with Muc-Off and the pressure washer. Since this, I found it wasn’t running right. I randomly noticed that the Throttle Position Sensor was not connected to the carb, so reattached, did not make a difference. Tested the sensor and does not appear to be giving off any reading (so is faulty). Who knows how long it hasn’t been connected? I didn’t notice it when looking at the bike prior to purchasing.

So, the symptoms are as followed:

It seems to start and idle well, though when you give it some on the throttle every so often it appears to jump up a notch on the revs and sit as if you have the choke out and then you give it some again it will drop back to normal and then other times it might cough a little and then stall.

Me and the father in law thought we would make sure there was no rubbish in the carb and the idle jet (and the rest of the jets whilst there). All seemed ok, so put it back together again. Runs still as above, maybe a little better.

So, my question is….. Does the throttle Position Sensor actually have a that bigger bearing on the setup or could it be something else which is obvious? Spoken to a local garage and it’s going to cost me the best part of £190 for the sensor. What.....?!

I look forward to hearing from some of you.


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I've got a 2018 DRZ400E. I mainly use it for road trail riding and touring trail biking.

I've had an issue with the standard speedo where I'm getting condensation on the inside of the speedo screen.

What happens is I hand wash the bike with a normal hose on a fairly light spray and then store the bike in the shed. When I take the bike out of the shed anytime within the next week or 2 and put it outside in the sun, after 5 minutes there's condensation on the inside of the speedo screen.

After being in the sun for about half an hour, it's gone.

If I haven't hand washed the bike or got the bike wet any time in the last 3 or 4 weeks and I put it in the sun, it doesn't get condensation.

Does this happed with other DRZ400 bikes or just mine?

Would it be getting through the small vent underneath the speedo or through the buttons? How do you think that it's getting in?

How can I fix it?

Thanks for your help everyone.]]>
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