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Hope everyone is safe out there in DRZ land

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Question, the bike is all stock now, need to know in a stock condition, what main, pilot and needle clip are you running? I am running 142 main, 2nd clip from top, I think a 66 pilot, I will double check when I get back out to the garage.

When i tore the carb apart it was missing several items, like the screw that holds down the float bowl needle & seat, plus the spring for the air/ fuel mixture screw was missing.

I actually got it running yesterday, idles fine, but bogs out when you give it quick blip on the throttle, 1.5 turns out on air/fuel. Played with that a little, no real change

Any help would be appreciated]]>
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Secondly, would a 2015 DR650 fit my DRZ 400E?

Any help/comments would be appreciated.]]>
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