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Im Ashamed "sorry"
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TOPIC: Im Ashamed "sorry"

Im Ashamed "sorry" 8 years, 8 months ago #202

Re:Im Ashamed "sorry" 8 years, 8 months ago #204

  • drztroy
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ive had a few but they were all 2 strokes , never had a 4stroke ktm ,, but you will find any other bike fromm 400cc up that is availible on the market will be lighter and handle better than a drz400e ( in stock form) , not alot you can do about the weight though , except get use to it ..........

Re:Im Ashamed "sorry" 8 years, 8 months ago #205

  • Belly from oz
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You shouldn't be ashamed Aussie. I'm sure we have all bought our DRZ for a particular reason and in the main all of those reasons will still hold up. Sure there are lots of more powerful, lighter better handling bikes out there but they also come at a price. That may be 13-14 grand for the KTM (8 odd grand for our bikes) our maintenance is measured in thousands of kilometers not hours of riding. You don't have to pull it down when you get back from a ride to do tappets and the like and thats if you can do it yourself and not have to send it to the shop. So don't shoot yourself, just enjoy the fact that you can take a ride on one for a few hours and not have to pay to keep it. By the way if you really want something that handles, weight about as much as a wet tissue and has about as much power as the space shuttle then have a look at the new MAICO. I had a few as a youngster and they were weapons then. Now .... the little 250 puts out 58hp and weights 98kg while the 700 is 82hp and 101kg. Hang on to that and pray.

Re:Im Ashamed "sorry" 8 years, 8 months ago #206

  • drztroy
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couldnt have said it better myself , belly,
i love my DR-Z even though i have only had it for 6 weeks or so,
the reasons you put foward is exactly why i bought it,
maitinance was number 1 , 2 is reliability 3 PRICE , $7500 for a brand new thumper with onroad costs included , an to be honest , i think they look bloody fantastic with a little tweaking.
every bike has its good and bad point and the DR-Z came up trumps over all, if you want a DR-Z to go and handle like a kato , sherco , wr , rmx ,crf etc
you can. and still have change from $14k + .
the DR-Z's were purpose built an built to a budget by suzuki and to me they nailed it.
i will have the DOCTOR-Z for years,, its just what the doctor orded,
(really bad joke) sorry wont happen again.

Re:Im Ashamed "sorry" 8 years, 5 months ago #664

  • xrman
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I had a few KTM's back in th 80's. Both 2 strokes, both went well when they went! Electrics and Magnesium ally water cooling issues were a pest.

I changed to Japanese 4 strokes for reliability. A DR350/380,a XR400 then two XR250's. All of them good reliable bikes once you sorted the suspension (especially the Suzuki, which needed stronger springs).

My next bike was a 2004 WRF250 Yamaha which was bloody brilliant straight away. Handles well and with a staintune muffler will blow the socks off a 400. I put a 290 Athena barrel/piston on it last year and it is even easier to ride now.

Its downfall is that it badly needs a 6 speed box for transport sections, but in tight trail sections it is brilliant to ride. Point and shoot. Reliable and cheap to own.

So my advice is look for a 04-05 WRF (cheap second hand; because no aluminium frame), put a 290 kit in it, blow the Orange riders into the weeds, keep the DRZ for commuting and long distance rides. It will be cheaper than buying a KTM.

Realize that a KTM with 10,000 Km. is probably in need of a total overhaul. Early model KTM400's had handling issues in the front end ( only XR riders didn't notice the steering). IMO the 450/530 are great for 30 minutes until you get tired, then I flap off the back of the seat trying to hold on.

Re:Im Ashamed "sorry" 8 years, 4 months ago #738

  • alig73
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I was on a ride on there was three new 2010 ktm 530s, one husenburg 390, and one ktm 450 as usual they were bagging my DRZ, Then one of the ktm 530s that had done only 300km since new starting belowing out smoke I though stuff the better handling more power and bling my faithfull drz did not miss a beat all ride.

Re:Im Ashamed "sorry" 8 years, 4 months ago #739

There is an interesting thread going on DBW at the moment about the DRZ, a poll of whether it's good or bad.
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