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Motard Conversion
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Share your modifications both the ones that worked and ones not worth doing.

TOPIC: Motard Conversion

Re:Motard Conversion 8 years, 3 months ago #248

  • mumbo
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testing the process

Re:Motard Conversion 8 years, 3 months ago #249

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I paid $101 for my rims, with tyres that I can have a bit of fun with before replacing.

I looked on and spoke to Ken and he said they had never done RGV rims on a DRZ because of the disc and machining issues (although I found a 220mm disc that may fit the RGV wheel (new wave disc to fit a TS200R)just need to make some measurements - $90 posted which is pretty good for a brand new disc.

I was going to purchase the generic pack anyway for handy tips. I still figure I should be able to get this done allot cheaper than a set of cast or spoked rims would have cost me.

Re:Motard Conversion 8 years, 3 months ago #253

  • mumbo
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I had the same idea and finished up biting the bullet and exchanging my wheels. Glad i did in the end, there are enough changes needed without the machining etc. One thing to bear in mind is to get really sticky tyres to fully enjoy the experience. The $50 plan is a good start.In my case the cheaper options became unattractive as I progressed. e.g the wheels which I purchased were stripped and painted by an industrial mob to make sure they were done well.About $150 for that. All up cost less than $1000 but I used up a few favours.

Re:Motard Conversion 8 years, 2 months ago #390

  • wayno
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Hi guys .....I know what im about to say goes againts the whole idea of this theread ? but here goes ?? In 2006 i bought a new drz400 S ....with the stock trail wing tyres ...... spent a whole lot of time on the great ocean road and had a lot of fun ?? 2007 bought myself a drz motard and thought i would go a whole lot faster ?? not the case .....not anything that anyone would notice anyway ......maybe just me ??..What i have now is a spare set of wheels ...standard 400E wheels .... With the trail wings on them ...15 min is all it takes to swap the wheels over .... I run a 44 tooth sprocket on both wheels ...Doesnt look as trick as a motard ...but you then have the option of a lot more riding ...dirt trails .. gravell tracks ect ..And at less than half the price of a motard conversion just thought i would share ?? Good luck with your conversions post some pictures

Re:Motard Conversion 8 years, 2 months ago #391

  • TC
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Waaahooo next weekend I pick up a set of mint MC22 wheels from a CBR250RR, still got to order the kit from Ken and pick up a front disc, but I should be motarded (I like that word!) within a fortnight!

Re:Motard Conversion 7 years, 4 months ago #1749

i just signed up and wanted to know if anyone had any info on RGV wheels on drz?

I have pretty much sorted out the rear, i milled off the hub drive and made up spacers, have to get some countersunk bolts for the sprocket and need to make a recessed disc for the rear..

just wondered if anyone had any tips for the front disc. i have a 320mm gxxr disc.
there was a guy on ebay with the same setup but couldnt get him to give away his secrets....

Re:Motard Conversion 7 years, 4 months ago #1750

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Do you have VJ21 or 22 wheels. I have a set of VJ21 which have an 18" rear as opposed to a 17 (I am pretty sure thats how it is...they share one wheel the same).

With the front, the RGV has a tiny axle. I recon the stock DRZ bearings may fit as the bearings on the RGV rim have a larger space between the inner and outer race (but I haven't taken measurements).

The front disc, I plan to make a disc spacer block out of alloy and bolt a stock disc to that.

With the rear, I will do the same - machine the cush drive, but I have found a 90's model DR350 rear disc that should bolt up. I have a mate who is running Suzuki Across rims on his and they look exactly the same as the RGV rim except the cush drive mounts in the hub differently which recesses it in further.

My issue is money to buy materials, and equipment to make what I need. Soon I hope.

Re:Motard Conversion 7 years, 4 months ago #1753

i have the 18 rear and 17 front, to fit the drx bearings you have to machine 2mm out of the wheels. im just going to use the rgv axle and make up spacers for the forks. my prob with the front disc is that the gxxr one i got has almost the same pcd as the rgv ones maybe 2mm different so havnt worked out what kind of spacer i will make, maybe one that bolts onto the rgv rim with countersunk bolts and then the gxxr one bolts to that.

the rear is pretty easy just machine the hub down to the bearing face and then make up some spacers. the disc side needs to go inward 2mm i was going to bolt the drz disc to the rgv disc after i machined it down but the bolts all hit on the caliper. theres a bike in the uk that has a 220mm rear disc and rgv bolt pcd its a rv125 or something like that....

ill get some pics of what i have done so far...

Re:Motard Conversion 7 years, 4 months ago #1755

i took some pics

machined down hub almost flush with the bearing, and 3mm washer

brake side has 16.3 washer brake mounting face needs to be machined back 2 mm or stepped disc

can see disc pcd is slightly out and centre hole is larger

probably make a spacer that bolts onto wheel with countersunk bolts then disc bolts on offset, theres enought room to get nuts behind the spacer that will sit in the cut outs of the rim

Re:Motard Conversion 7 years, 1 month ago #2032

progress has been slow but have almost finished...i got the front sorted just need to find a disc for the rear or leave it with the rgv 210mm one and be done with it...

Re:Motard Conversion 7 years, 1 month ago #2050

painted up the rims, just need to get some tires and a nut for the front axle and some bolts for the sprocket and a rear disc and ill be motarding

Re:Motard Conversion 7 years ago #2164

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Finally the motard conversion is done. There may be a few gremlins to work out but I’ll see how it goes.

For the RGV VJ21 Rims I used:

REAR – 7mm was machined out of the hubs cush drive recess out of all surfaces where the cush drive sits.
3mm was machined off the cush drive fingers
The cush drive rubbers were trimmed to fit
The left spacer was 20mm
The right spacer was 7mm, but was stepped to fit inside the cush drive bearing which is larger than the other two in the hub.
2.5 mm washers were fitted between the hub and the disc to ensure correct offset.

FRONT – The bearing seats were machined out to allow the fitment of standard 42x20mm bearings allowing use of the stock axle.
Where the disc sits on the hub on the Right side was machined down a touch to allow better clearance.
A custom disc adaptor was made to allow fitment of the standard disc to the RGV rim.
Spacers were made, but can’t remember the sizes at the moment.

COST – Rims (with usable tyres) $100
F & R Discs $110
Machining work $40 (1 case of beer – gotta love mates rates Thanks Dave)
Speedo -$60 (I made money selling the stock speedo on ebay)
43t Rear sprocket $45 (I used a VJ22 sprocket as they have recessed bolt holes)
Front bearings $12.00

TOTAL $247.00

I once again thank my mate Dave, as he is a master at what he does.

I will upload pics soon, and measure the front spacers. Only issue I have is the rear tyre is to fat, so I will be looking for a slimmer one next time as it only just rubs on the chain rivets (not noticeable when riding it).

I think when fitting road bike rims to a dirtbike, you will always run into fitment issues. A mate of mine has a DRZ and he runs Suzuki Across rims, which from what he has said were easier to fit, notably the rear rim. CBR rims have their issues too, the rear sprocket is a different pitch, and when another mate of mine fitted his, I noticed the rear sprocket was running bloody close to the swing arm.

At the end of the day, its worthwhile, I just think what type of rims you use depends on your budget as well as your level of creativity and skills (or mates with skills anyways).

Have Fun.


Re:Motard Conversion 7 years ago #2165

that seems way different to what i did on the have the 18inch rear wheel? i would be curious about your front wheel, i was going to machine it out to fit the bigger bearing but there is piss all meat in the centre of the wheel, these wheels are off a race bike so are made to be as light as possible and strong as they need...machining them out more is not how they were designed to be...

i found a disc at the wreckers thats 220mm and fitted to my rgv rim:D

Re:Motard Conversion 7 years ago #2166

whats the measurement for the swing arm to the sprocket? should be 7mm. with the crush drive standard and a 3mm washer its 7mm from the washer to the sprocket...not sure what sprocket i have but its been countersunk

Re:Motard Conversion 7 years ago #2167

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orangeute338 wrote:
whats the measurement for the swing arm to the sprocket? should be 7mm. with the crush drive standard and a 3mm washer its 7mm from the washer to the sprocket...not sure what sprocket i have but its been countersunk

There was a few differences in RGV rims over the years, especially around 89 - 90. They went to a 17" rim on the 90 model (VJ22) as well as the iconic Banana Swingarm. They also went from conventional to inverted forks, so I am not sure if they changed the front wheel also.

I was satisfied that I had enough material to enlarge the bearing recess, which is why I did.

As for the rear, there was a copule of options, but I read machining the cush drive had be done, otherwise, to achieve the 7mm from sprocket to swingarm, the disc would have needed to be offset over the hub rather than being mounted to it.

This would have also changed the offset of the wheel, not uncommon for motards with cast wheels, but I was trying to keet the wheel as centered as possible.

In the end it all works great and I'm very happy. I need to make a couple of tweeks here and there - a 140 rear tyre will prevent the minor bit of chain rub that it gets at the moment, and I may have to adjust the spacers at the front as the disc is running a little too close to the calipar housing.

Like they say, there are many ways to skin a cat.
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