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DRZ400E v DR650 Review
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Share your modifications both the ones that worked and ones not worth doing.
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TOPIC: DRZ400E v DR650 Review

DRZ400E v DR650 Review 6 years, 5 months ago #2881

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After much deliberation, I decided to quit the dirt bike scene (due to injuries) and go to a dedicated road bike (to resist temtation). I swapped the DRZ for a GSX750F, which I discovered my knee didn't like so another swap to a 2004 model DR650, so I thought I might share the differences.

The 650 lacks the horsepower of the 400, but the 650 motor is torquey and slower revving. I find the 650 vibrates as does the 400, but where I noticed it through the pegs of the 400, I only notice it through the grips on the 650 and it's more tolerable (for me anyways) and I figure a decent set of pillow top grips should fix that.

The ergos of the 650 suit me better, being lower to the ground, and despite the 650 being some 30kg heavier, it's centre of gravity seems lower therefore it feels more nimble.

The forks on the 400 offer better adjustment, travel and are firmer. Seats are as if they are shared. I have a full staintune system on the 650, as opposed to the FMF on the 400, and find the 650 pops on deceleration which I have read tends to be an issue with the carbie they use on them (needs the coast enricher like the 400 uses).

The 650 will cruise on 120 all day no issues, where as even with the 15/44 gearing I had on the 400, 90 felt most comfortable.

The 650 lacks the features the 400 has, the airbox access requires the side panel removed, and then 3 screws in the airbox before you get to the filter. The battery is under the seat and takes longer to get to, and the standard instrumentation is poo (speedo and 23 idiot lights).

The 400 is the better bush beast, but I recon if you were just doing fire trails it would be much tougher to choose.

If most of your time is spent commuting, the 650 is gold. I can't ride a sports bike, and I don't like cruisers.

Suzuki really need to go back to 6 speed gearbox's though. I have never been a fan of 5 speeds, and never will be.

Re: DRZ400E v DR650 Review 6 years, 4 months ago #2882

  • wayno
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Thats not a bad choice of bike , at least you can do some bush trails when you want and there good on the road . My road bike just sits there more often than not now . A bit of adventure riding on a dr 650 always sounds good to me .. good luck ..

Re: DRZ400E v DR650 Review 6 years, 4 months ago #2888

  • xrman
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Did you take a look at the DL650?

Since my accident last year ( spiral fracture of Tibia and Fibula one leg only) I have noticed that I can't extend my right foot enough to touch the ground well on the right on the 400. I am hoping that after I have the nail removed I will get that last bit of movement back, other wise a 650 might be on the cards.

A DR650 with the 400 suspension ( but stiffer springs) an FCR carbie and 6 speed box: now that would be a weapon!

If my leg doesn't improve I will have to sell my WRF290 and DRZ400 and I think a DL650 ( V-Strom)might be a good tourer with a few easier dirt roads thrown in.

Re: DRZ400E v DR650 Review 6 years, 4 months ago #2889

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xrman - I considered the vstrom, my father-in-law had one. I am not a big guy, about 5'7" tall, and the v strom is still a stretch to the ground (although I have read you can get them lowered).

The vstroms strengths lie in its road bias and awesome v twin donk sourced from the sv650. They are also super comfy and are less cramped than a road bike. The 6 speed is always welcome.

It's main weakness is it's weight, approx 220kg and it carries it high too. It becomes a pain in the butt to manovre round your garage etc (still lighter than the old gsxf750).

I looked at a KLR650 too, but found the engine was not as strong as the DR. The fairings were nice and offered good protection, but (in my opinion) they are one ugly duckling.

I would like (dare I say it) a BMW F650. I have read that they have less vibration than the other 650 singles, and also have a 6 speed. Parts and sevice costs are my main concern there.

The other bike I would like to ride is the KLE500, no longer made, but I recon the in-line twin would be nice.

In reality, I will probably have the DR650 for quite some time, and make a few mods (like a TM40 pumper carb) and I am tossing up whether or not to buy a 17" front rim and spoke it to the original hub.

Re: DRZ400E v DR650 Review 6 years, 4 months ago #2896

Gday Good. Check your inbox mate, im sure there is a few in there for you.
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